U.S. consumer credit trends data visualizations

Consumer credit trends tracks loan origination (the opening of new credit accounts) for four different markets including auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, and student loans. The tool also charts how specific groups of consumers are faring in financial markets. By tracking trends over time, it should help warn of potential problems lurking in a given market. The CFPB uses these data to monitor conditions in consumer credit markets, analyze the effects of regulatory interventions, and to conduct research into issues affecting consumers.

I worked with data scientists from across the CFPB’s Office of Research to publish this data in line with Bureau initiatives.

Roles included: Lead designer, data viz design, visual design, UX design, illustration, interaction design, and documentation.

Landing page

The landing page for Consumer Credit Trends contains a hero graphic illustration that I worked on as well as links to view data for the four different consumer markets of: auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, and student loans. The page also contains a summary of background information on the data.

Market overview pages

These four pages below discuss each market at a glance, provide key findings in the data from the most recent publish date, explain key terms used within the data viz pages, and also offer links to dig deeper into the data and view the data visualizations themselves.

Market data viz pages

The screenshots below show the different sets of data visualizations the Bureau has decided to visualize, track, and share with the public. Users can peruse the data visualizations and download CSV files in order to take more custom looks at the data if they choose.

Data visualizations, a closer look

The screenshots below show examples of the line charts and bar charts used to visualize the data. As designer on this project, it was my responsibility to determine accessible ways to use color, type, and responsive design to provide interactive charts for users to take in the data.

The charts below represent the range of chart types used across Consumer Credit trends. They include trend charts to see trends over time, U.S. tile maps to show data by state, and bar charts to show year-over-year changes.

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