“People-con” exploration

At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we often use illustrations to lighten serious topics and make complex topics easier to understand. One of the things we struggle with however is how we illustrate people. Our current people illustrations aren’t meeting our needs and don’t get used very often. I took some personal time to do some exploration of how more stylized illustrations of people could offer a more diverse range of possibilities for how we use imagery of people across all of our web, print, and digital (video) assets.

I intend to create a set of these to include more diverse looking people so this is a work in progress.

Below, is a before and after comparison. I took existing layouts that used current people illustrations and swapped them in to see if my new style exploration would work with our existing illustration style and fit within existing environments and alongside existing objects.

Roles included: illustration.


After, now with more style

Before, emotionless yellow figure

After, now with more emotion

Before, phone floats in a video

After, now the phone sits in a hand


After, more mature

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